Welcome to our very first actual play! Dylan, Allie, and I play a game of Ten Candles run by the game’s designer, Stephen Dewey! Stephen was nice enough to come to my home, teach us how to play the game, and run an awesome session for us! If you want to know more about the game and character creation we have an episode devoted to that here. This episode gets right to the story and tragic horror you will find when play Ten Candles!

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“This is no survival horror game, where the question is “will you die?” It’s not about whether the characters fall to the darkness or emerge as survivors. There are no survivors. Not here. Instead, it provides the stage upon which you will act out the final moments in the lives of a group of people destined to die; to see them pushed to the very brink of terror, madness, and sorrow. It is a game of loss, yes, but it is also a game of hope.

That hope will live on, even in the end. But hope can be lost when those who guard it are pushed to that edge. It is in those moments that the darkness around becomes the darknesswithin, and that is when They have truly won.”